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  • Introduction

    A leader in power transmission engineering since 1987, Wuxi Driveshafts Co. Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of universal joint shafts, and gear couplings. Our products are widely used in such applications as rolling mills, paper mills, rubber and plastic mills, cranes, locomotives, pumps, power plants, and others. WDC has an annual production capacity of over 8000 shafts and a dedicated skillful workforce of over 200. Our manufacturing teams adopt state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and are supported by a competent engineering staff utilizing CAD, 3D Modeling, FEA, and quality assurance programs. For the last 20 years WDC has been proudly trusted by over 500 customers worldwide. WDC partners with Cheron Products LLC, a sales, engineering, and marketing organization in the US, to introduce the North American marketplace to the top quality global producers in China.
    Our goal is to maintain superior product quality and total customer satisfaction, which we strive to ensure through relentless pursuits of engineering perfection and innovation.

    Some highlights of our quality programs are:

    A Firm Commitment to Innovation
    WDC has a highly competent team of engineers. By analyzing and incorporating the most advance designs of world class manufacturers we continue to enhance the design of our u-joints and components thus greatly improving the performance and service life of our products.

    Superior Raw Materials
    Superior raw materials are the basis for superior products. WDC has established long-term strategic partnerships with qualified suppliers of casting and forging blanks and other materials. Our sophisticated testing processes combined with state of the art systems ensure on-time supplies of quality materials.
    Sophisticated and Efficient Equipment and Technology
    To guarantee the accuracy of machined parts and timely delivery, WDC uses advanced highly efficient equipment and technology including CNC machines, machining workstations, specialty tooling machines. We also utilize the most current production technologies and processes.

    Strict and Sophisticated Manufacturing Process
    It is WDC's belief that meticulous attention to details is the key to success. We have instituted the most stringent controls for each step of the manufacturing process. We have also implemented the strictest control of machining and heat treatment. We use a MRP computerized management system that integrates sales, planning, purchasing, production, inventory management, quality control and accounting disciplines.

    Professional After-Sales Services
    For WDC, delivery is not the end but the beginning of our commitment. Our sales and service engineers will work closely with our clients, listening to their comments and suggestions and giving them professional advice. Our sales agents, distributors, and worldwide partners will respond to client requests rapidly and efficiently.

     86-0510-85590778    86-0510-85598853
     88 West Renmin Road,Hudai Wuxi,Jiangsu Province    office@bcwxz.com
    © Wuxi Driveshafts Co., Ltd.
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